Founded in 1995 Sarvamangala Engineers (P) Ltd, rapidly become the leader at the Manufacture of Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Automatic Moulding Machines and later developed other foundry related equipments like High speed Intensive Mixers, Mould Line Automations, Mould Boxes & Pallet Cars and Turnkey Projects.

We are distinguished ourselves at maintaining the standards with consistent quality for ever. Our fully integrated manufacturing facilitates ensures quality and on time delivery. Our policy at fulfilling the commitments to customers and our achievements in Technology developments are the reasons for the popularity of our brand name “SARVAMANGALA”. We has always been regarded as the Pioneers in Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Automatic Moulding machines, Sarvamangala can be the last word in competitive price, high reliability, durability and engineered for excellence quality machines.

Our company is a private limited firm established during the year 1995 specialized for the manufacturing of following equipments for foundries.

  • Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Automatic Moulding Machines
  • High speed Intensive Mixers
  • Mould boxes & Pallet Cars
  • Mould Line Automation Systems
  • Turnkey Project
Our Company does direct marketing and sales all over India and worldwide. Also the machines are exported to various foreign countries like Oman, Dubai, Indonesia, Australia and Saudi Arabia.
The promoter of this company is basically an engineer came out from one of the leading educational institutions in India PSG College of Technology. He had a vast experience at Pattern development, Machine shop and foundry. After his service at various departments for 25 Years he came out and started on his own the company ‘SHARVAMANGALA’ and later called ‘SARVAMANGALA ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED’. Now the company has passed around 13-14 years at the manufacture and almost all the products are standardized.
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