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The company manufactures six models of moulding machines to suit different categories of casting components manufacturers. Machines are very much user friendly with basic & simple controls. Also machines are supplied with fully automatic PLC Auto Control System along with touch screen MMI panels to facilitate advanced and easy operations which in turn have the control over the production process.
The company manufactures three models of High Speed Intensive Mixers, supplied with basic electrical control panel, and Mixers are also supplied with Automatic weighing hopper system by means of load cells integrated with PLC Auto Control Panel facilitates control over mixing of sand and consistent output quality.

Knockout vibrators with vibromotors equivalent to imported motors for casting knockout purpose also manufactured, range 1 ton to 5 tons capacity.
Mould boxes and Pallet Cars of all sizes at CI & SG grade are manufactured. Fabricated mould boxes are also manufactured as per customer’s specifications. Line Automations with mould line pushers and powerised transfer trolley system fully controlled with PLC Auto control panel and MMI are also supplied. We also manufacture fully automatic on line Punch-out machines as per customer requirement; we give a total solutions for mould handling automation system. We do manufacture Automatic weighing hopper system for the prefiled sand storage above moulding machines which in turn reduce the time at sand filling to the machines. All other foundry equipments as per the customer requirements are manufactured and supplied.
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